beaverprideBeaver World Pride is upon us, and we are doing some things that are way more exciting than our small bar would seem to infer. WHY, take a gander.

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Monday / House of Filth Family Showcase
Judy Virago + Igby Lizzard + Nancy Bocock + Allysin Chaynes + Dolly Berlin + Gia Metric + Luna Saint Laurent + Demona Deville + Buzz Huneedew + Champagna Enemea

Tuesday / Queerty Presents….Deadbeat Club
Zach Rosen (Hidden Cameras) + Regina (Light Fires)

Wednesday / Punk Rock Bingo + Punk Rock Nights
Jenna Syde + Artificial Dissemination + DJ James SaTan Bass + DJ Daddy-o

Thursday / Banging Beaver
Red Zeppelin + Bella Muerta + Jessi Van Miinx + Dream Académie + Zoo OWL + Heidi Michelle Thomas

Friday / BALLS
Distraksjon (Cjris Pyss) + Buttface (Adam Cowan) + Nancy Bocock

Saturday / Cub Camp WORLD PRIDE BBQ and Speedo Party
BBQ @ 6pm with Dog Days Parkdale

DJ Taco Tuesday (San Francisco) + DJ Scooter McCreight + DJ Shane McKinnon

Sunday / DOG DAYS BBQ + Beaver Karaoke
BBQ @ 6pm with Dog Days Parkdale
Karaoke @ 10pm with Inez & Stacie

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