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2014 Trivia!

Every Monday night we host a unique trivia night starting at 7pm sharp. Past events have included Netflix Pub Quiz, Rob Ford Pub Quiz and Harry Potter Pub Quiz to name a few.

Stay up to date with our weekly pub quizzes by joining The Facebook Group.

On Monday, January 5, we’re looking back at 2014 for our first trivia night in 2015. Check out all of the event info here.


The Olympics, The Oscars, the time Obama went viral on between two ferns
AKA World Affairs
Film, TV, Music, Sport, Serial etc.
What was shirtless jogger’s real name?
Everything else.

Prizes and cheap drinks. Hosted by Carl Hiehn.
$2/person to play. Maximum team size of 5.

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Cold brewed coffee

Iced coffee

We at The Beaver believe there are three tried, tested and true ways of beating Toronto’s muggy summer weather: a pint of locally crafted beer, a shady patio just off Queen W., and/or, most relevantly to this post, a cold brewed coffee.

“What is ‘cold brew’, exactly?” you may ask.

Well, according to the coffee connoisseurs of the inter-web, cold brew coffee is the process of brewing ground coffee beans in cold or room temperature water over a 12 to 24 hour period. The result is a naturally sweetened, less acidic and full-bodied cup of Joe.

For The Beaver’s recipe, we only use i deal coffee’s Prince of Darkness (POD) blend served black and on ice. The South and Central American beans used in POD give our iced coffee a medium body, mild acidity and definitive nutty-ness. And, although our cold brewed coffee is naturally sweeter than drip coffee, we have house-made plain and vanilla sweeteners on hand for our sweet toothed guests.

If you have any questions about our cold brewing method, stop by and ask any of our baristas for a little demo and a more in-depth explanation.


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The first Friday of every month DJs Amanda & Brendan host Keep it Cute, a dance party for queers and their friends.

To celebrate the party’s success, the duo put together this wicked track list featuring house, jams, some funky sounds, a little hip hop and a touch of pop-tastic-ness.¬†Download it here.

See you on the dance floor this Friday for the end-of-winter edition!


Keep it Cute

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Stephen Schramm

We currently have a new exhibit of art by Stephen Schramm at The Beaver.

The work explores symbolism, signs and design in relation to alchemy and magic.

Stop by. Take a look. And visit Schramm’s tumblr for more info:


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Sweet corn soup

We take pride in having plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on our menu. Heck, half of our staff are vegetarians.

One of our most popular options is our vegan soup du jour.

Today, our prep cook whipped up this wicked vegan soup: sweet corn with black olive croutons and smoked paprika.


Heads up: if you want a bowl, you’ll need to be fast. The Beaver crew won’t stop eating it.

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Hot Toddy and a Party

Warm up to our newest weekly tonight with a Hot Toddy (8.00) and some hot company. DJ Karl Skene will be playing techno and garage at Big Fun every Wednesday with rotating guests. This week’s edition features Big Fun vet, D’je Buttmuv.





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New site

Welcoming to The Beaver’s new website and blog!

Feel free to snoop around our pages to learn about our daily events, menus, current art exhibit, staff and charity. And don’t forget to ‘like’ our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.


The Beaver

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