We host a unique party every single night. No joke! Monday through Sunday, we book an awesome DJ to play from 11pm until well past last call.

If you’re into ‘90s music, come join us on the first Thursday of every month for Wack Slacks where we get so into the grunge decade that we hook up a Super Nintendo for guests.

If No Doubt doesn’t float your boat, no worries. Try Cub Camp on the second Friday of every month where DJ Scooter turns out beats for west end boys and bears.

What about hip hop, dancehall and R&B, you ask. Well, we’ve got He Needs to Know.

Country? We’ve got Prairie Boner.

I’m sure you get the picture. So check out our nightly listings and text your friends to come out for a late night of dancing, debauchery or Sunday karaoke.