Pat (General ManaScreen Shot 2015-09-05 at 2.54.39 PMger) – Patrick lives a weird double life of being godsmacking handsome and still insisting on wearing Hawaiian shirts. He has a heart of gold, eyes that you can lose your soul into, and flowing locks of hair that have ended up in various laundromats across the greater Toronto area. He’s also a damn fine general manager that is here to serve you. Private bookings? General Inquires? Want to yell about somebody? Need a drummer? Feel free to direct a message at him.

Rachel (Kitchen Manager) – As her picture exemplifies, Rachel is one with nature and the food that it brings. Just look at her – she doesn’t have to laugh at salad, she CREATES the salad. Trained at ye ol George Brown College in the art du culinary, Rachel keeps our kitchen humming, going, moving, loving, smelling. Interested in catering? Have a large dinner party?  Get your mouse on over to the follow word – contact – and get in touch with er’


Adam (Marketing Manager / Booker) – I dunno what he does. He just shows up every once in a while wearing the same shirt he was wearing the last month we saw him and can’t seem to comb his damn hair, like ever. God, what an asshole. He also is extremely hard working towards making sure The Beaver has something interesting happening all the time, every night, no matter if it be karaoke or a queer sweaty dance party, he is here for you. Feel free to contact him for any booking inquires in our tiny little spot that somehow some of the craziest shit happens that evades enforcement of the public decency legal framework.