Monthly Archives: October 2013

New Photos by Laura-Lynn Petrick on Display Now


Fall leaves fall; die, flowers, away! Lengthen Night and shorten day. Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.

Indeed, all things must pass, and it’s worth celebrating when a new artist comes in to ignite the the front room of the Beaver with brazen colour and shimmering darkness. Come by and check out Laura-Lynn Petrick‘s photography on display now at the Beav, it is a personal documentation of the dynamic aura of individuals and the sublime qualities of nature.

Petrick’s versatile work is shot on 35 mm colour film and involves no post-production; as Laura puts it herself: “This series¬†“In the Skies”¬†is an intimate investigation of the powerful auras of our natural world, captured through the lens of an analogue 35 mm camera.

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