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Interview with Beaver Artist Nicole Brayshaw Bond


We have a new  art show up at the Beaver by our very own Nicole Brayshaw Bond; we sat down with her to ask a couple questions about the charming new paintings she created.

What made you decide to do a show at the Beaver?

I love the Beaver. I might be a tad bias because I work here but I really think it is an amazing and unique place in the city. I like the concept of showing your art outside of galleries and more in the community.

What is your process for creating these pieces?

The first thing I do is walk around my apartment. My place is FILLED with needlepoints, paint by numbers and portraits of the Queen Mum. It totally gets my crafting juices going. I then think about something I want to have. A tea towel design that I want or a piece of art that is missing on my walls. I then turn on Netflix, pick a show, usually It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and draw for hours. I draw the same thing over and over again until I get it how I like it, not perfect but kooky cute. After that I start building silkscreens and start the process of silkscreening which is my go to medium.

Can you name any other artists that have influenced the work in this new show?

Chris Anthon and Bry Simms; They are both amazing tattoos artists from my hometown, Galt, Ontario. They both pump out art constantly, stay up all night making things and they even have a drawing social club, awesome. They are classy guys who are supportive of other artists in their community and just positive, positive dudes. Our styles are completely different but their passion for creating influences me like wildfire.

Maud Lewis is an east coast folk artist who seriously pumped out art. It wasn’t the most technically made pieces you’ve ever seen but she really loved painting and did it a lot. I went to her exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and it blew my mind. She made art out of anything, a dust pan, lamps, anything. Makes you think, what can I do?

Ideally what would like people to take away from your work?

A lot of people have told me that my creations have inspired them to create. I teach silkscreening and every week when we get to the drawing section of the class, someone always says that they can’t draw and that they’re horrible at it. In the end their stuff is always the best. Not because it is perfect just because they did it. I really believe that the worse drawings are the best, the cutest and the most fun. The things I make aren’t high concept. I think they are cute and visually appealing but the important thing is it makes intensely happy to make them. I think people should sit back and not worry about being amazing and not worry about being the best at something and just do it.

As an emerging artist what do you think about restaurants and cafe’s stepping up and putting on exhibitions?

I think it’s great. Not only is it a great way to make connections within a community but it is fun for customers and an amazing way to see art. You get to sit down, relax, eat and drink and look at every changing work. Sometimes you aren’t in the mood to see work at a gallery and now with so many places exhibiting local artists, you don’t have to.

What’s your advice for other visual artist’s who want to get their work shown at the Beaver?

I don’t wanna sound like a Nike commercial but you should just do it. Apply and put yourself out there. That’s what life is about. There is an amazing book titled “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways” by Susan Jeffers. That says it all.

Are you afraid people will start making hummus as they wait for their dinner at the Beaver now that you put a recipe for it on the wall?

Ha ha, no but I hope they disagree with certain ingredients and battle me on them.

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