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‘Beaver Karaoke’ interview with Adam Cowan

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Beaver Karaoke, which happens every Sunday at the Beaver at 11pm, has been going strong for nearly a year now. We sat down with dreamy bartender Adam Cowan and asked him about his Sunday night singin’ party.

What compelled you to start a karaoke night at the Beaver

Money AND there’s a lot of bar nights where it’s just a DJ around here and I wanted to do something with a bit more.

How did you collect the 31,000 song library you use every week?

Former henhouse owners Katie Ritchie and Venessa Dunn passed the songbook over to me and I can’t thank them enough. They brought a lot of energy to their karaoke nights and they showed me what a queer karaoke night could be if it’s done well.

What kind of crowd comes out every week?

All kinds, all enormously talented, except for fellow Beaver bartender Pat McKeegan, who does not sing due to his strict Morman upbringing.

Tell me about some of the hosts that you’ve brought in for the night

We have had living Toronto comic legend Robert Dayton, drag queen Igby Lizard (who has “the hungriest nose in all of Toronto”), we’ve even had a lady named Bronwyn host who found the Ikea monkey and started that international news story. It’s always a lot of fun to see what each weeks host can bring to the table.

I’ve heard that the Beaver barback sings on Sundays but you rarely do; why not?

I’m always working; customer service is number one to me. Unlike that jerk barback I would never abandon my post to sing….

Sure, sure… Tell me, what’s your favourite thing about spending your Sunday nights here?

It’s the community that comes together of Beaver staff and regulars, I really like that it’s become it’s own unique thing. One time the owner of the Beaver came in and said it’s like a piano bar in the village except everyone is singing Freddie Mercury.

 What are the songs that you hear people singing again and again? 

‘Take Me Home Country Roads’, ‘Underworld’ by Born Slippy, ‘Dragula’ by Rob Zombie, anything by the Spice Girls. 

Why should people come out to sing on Sunday?

Because it’s Sunday, what are you going to do, sit at home and stream ‘Arrested Development’ again? You’ve already seen it so you might as well do something else x
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