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Cub Camp Interview: Scooter McCreight

Scooter WebAs Cub Camp is expanding into New York City and getting some exciting buzz on the gay blog scene we thought we’d ask Scooter,the hunky creator and DJ of the event, a couple questions about Cub Camp and the queer party scene in general. Cub Camp is a monthly party that takes place tonight (June 14th) at the Beaver x

Tell me about how you first came up with the concept of ‘Cub Camp’?

I felt there was a void in the Toronto party scene. I wanted to create an event that catered to people whose taste in music went deeper than top 40 and pop music. I had been DJing party’s around the city but still found that I wasn’t able to really explore the type of music that I wanted to spin. I also wanted to start bringing in gay DJs that are making an impact on the underground scene. We’ve been lucky to have legendary DJs come through. DJ Sammy Jo and DJ Nita from NYC, DJ Chipmint and DJ Guy Ruben from San Francisco. Sparber is coming up from NYC for our July party and Aaron Clark from Pittsburg in September. All these faggots are TURNING SHIT OUT in their cities and I wanted to bring more of it to Toronto.

I won’t lie and say there wasn’t some personal gain to gathering all these boys in one space.   I wanted it to be a sexy party for furry boys so I could watch them dance. But it was always about the music.

Have you noticed the bear cub scene grow since you began the party?

It’s definitely become more mainstream. I do get more and more questions about how much Cub Camp is about cubs. But honestly, labels are so tired. Anyone hung up on that needs to get something more important to worry about.

What is your favourite memory from one of the parties at the Beaver?

The best thing ever to happen was at our 2 year anniversary party. Since they built condos across the street from The Beaver we can now see directly into the first few floors of the building.  One night there was a straight couple who were fucking furiously right on the couch in front of their windows. She was sitting on his face, he would fuck her from behind. It was total shows! The entire bar stopped what they were doing to watch. I ran out of the DJ booth just so I could go and watch. I want to find out who she is so I can hire her regularly.

How do you organize the great posters and original artwork for Cub Camp?

The first poster that was ever done for the party was by Juliana Neufeld. I was starting the party with no budget and no cover at the door. Juliana totally offered to work on the poster for me.  I used the basic template of her design and gave that as the starting point for all the artists to put their own spin on it. I want each flyer to be a work of art, and I want the artist’s personal style to come through. I curate them all myself, I have a list of artist that I am dying to work with, and I also ask other artists who they are fans of. So much talent in our community and I’m happy that so many of them are a part of it. Right now Scooter LaForge is working on a poster for an upcoming party and it’s been a dream of mine to collaborate with him. Not only cause he’s mega talented but cause we have the same name.

Tell me about when you decided to take the party on tour and your experiences in NYC?

The first time I took the party on the road was in Provincetown last summer. A fantastic friend of mine Mark Louque throws a legendary weekly party called Fag Bash there and he set me up with the support to make the party happen. Since then I was asked by my friend Jeff who works at Easternbloc in NYC if I ever wanted to do a party there. We’ve done it twice already and doing it again for Pride. The response in NYC has been mindblowing. People know how to party there and appreciate good music. I have so much love for the people and that city. Next up is Los Angeles and San Francisco. I’ve got some lovin’ to put on them too.

How did the ‘Cub Camp’ calendar come out and are you planning on putting it out again for 2014?

I had the idea to do a calendar for a while. The amount of beautiful men that were a part of Cub Camp, whether it be the bouncers, door boys, DJs, bartenders…really needed to be captured.  We shot the first calendar in the summer and were able to donate to the Will Munro Fund through the project too. This year’s calendar has already been shot by Bradley Roberge, an up and coming photographer, based in Los Angeles. Everyone cast in the calendar for 2014 are my American brothers. I can’t explain how much the boys in this years calendar mean to me.  I am super grateful that they all wanted to be a part of it.

Do you think it’s important to create a space for gay men who don’t necessarily fit into other categories (like bears or twinks) in Toronto?

It’s important for us to take over everything. Take over every party. Take over every dance floor. Take over every DJ booth. Take it all. And this is for all queer people. Let’s start doing shit and taking over.

What is your favourite part about putting on the party every month?

Taking off everyone’s shirts

ha ha 🙂


Photo by Drasko Bogdanovic

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