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Cold brewed coffee

Iced coffee

We at The Beaver believe there are three tried, tested and true ways of beating Toronto’s muggy summer weather: a pint of locally crafted beer, a shady patio just off Queen W., and/or, most relevantly to this post, a cold brewed coffee.

“What is ‘cold brew’, exactly?” you may ask.

Well, according to the coffee connoisseurs of the inter-web, cold brew coffee is the process of brewing ground coffee beans in cold or room temperature water over a 12 to 24 hour period. The result is a naturally sweetened, less acidic and full-bodied cup of Joe.

For The Beaver’s recipe, we only use i deal coffee’s Prince of Darkness (POD) blend served black and on ice. The South and Central American beans used in POD give our iced coffee a medium body, mild acidity and definitive nutty-ness. And, although our cold brewed coffee is naturally sweeter than drip coffee, we have house-made plain and vanilla sweeteners on hand for our sweet toothed guests.

If you have any questions about our cold brewing method, stop by and ask any of our baristas for a little demo and a more in-depth explanation.


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The Beaver Summer Cocktail List

Patio webWe asked the leonine Pat McKeegan (our Wednesday and Thursday bartender) about the Beaver summer cocktail list he created and what inspired the new drinks on the menu

“The Beaver summer cocktail list was designed with our patio in mind; people love hanging out there with friends and I wanted to offer them some new options and a couple twists on a few classics. I’m not trying to reinvent the summer cocktail but I think they don’t always have to be sugary and sweet as long as they’re consistently delicious and refreshing.”

Eiffel 65 Gin, Blue Curacao, Lime, Simple Syrup & Soda (pictured above)

“The whole idea was to create a really balanced tropical cocktail that’s delicious but also really fun.  Holding it makes you feel like you’re on the beach in Ibiza.”

El Diablo – Gold Tequila, Cassis, Ginger Beer, on ice

“The Diablo is something I discovered in an old Mexican cocktail book that I found in a thrift store; recently I also got to spend some time in Mexico and I tried the authentic version. I experimented with substituting ginger ale for ginger beer and I find it creates a really refreshing, full bodied cocktail. ”

Lynchburg Lemonade – Jack Daniels, Triple Sec, Sour Mix, on ice

“This cocktail was introduced to me by Lexi Sanfino who ordered it from me one night; I love it because it’s basically a twist on the whiskey sour with an extra kick from the triple sec which makes it more complex. It’s got that rebellious southern vibe because of the Jack Daniels; it all feels just a bit more dangerous than a regular whiskey sour.”

Rosebud – Bombay Sapphire, Campari, Sour Mix, Grapefruit Juice, Grapefruit Bitters, Lime Sugar Rim, on ice 

“I was messing around with creating a gin and grapefruit cocktail but couldn’t find a perfect balance when bartender Adam Cowan came in and switched the gin to Bombay and added Campari. I think it’s a perfect Queen West summer drink.”

The Last Word – Hendrick’s Gin, Green Chartreuse, Sour Mix, Maraschino, on ice

“The Last Word is a prohibition era cocktail from Detroit that uses my favourite liqueur of the moment, green chartreuse. I really wanted there to be a cocktail on the list that was bold and interesting for the people who feel like they’ve tried everything.”

The summer cocktail list is out now; drop by and try one x

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