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Cub Camp – Poster Champ

cub_camp_by_ironmitten-d523n5dI was scrolling through Cub Camp’s tumblr today and stopped to take a took at all the fabulous posters they have commissioned for their parties (all made by different artists to boot). I love illustrated event posters and these are among the best I’ve ever seen, you can check them out here.

Cub Camp happens every second friday at the Beaver (April 12th this month).

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The first Friday of every month DJs Amanda & Brendan host Keep it Cute, a dance party for queers and their friends.

To celebrate the party’s success, the duo put together this wicked track list featuring house, jams, some funky sounds, a little hip hop and a touch of pop-tastic-ness.¬†Download it here.

See you on the dance floor this Friday for the end-of-winter edition!


Keep it Cute

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